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Golf Driving Tips

While most realize the need to improve their short game and chipping strategies, almost every golfer initially wants to learn how to drive the ball longer and straighter. Like most other plays in golf, most technique tips for driving revolve around the swing. Here we lay out some tips and tricks to improve your driving potential and maximize your power!

Setting up your swing with the ball is crucial to improving your driving power, and the key is to position the ball opposite your left heel. When preparing to swing, you want to develop a wide stance and tilt your upper body behind the golf ball. When you tee up on the ball, swing up on the ball, instead of downward, as most amateurs do, as if you are almost trying to launch it straight up into the air. As you are trying to swing up on the ball, concentrate on moving your weight behind the ball as you reach the top of your backswing. Turn your hips and shoulders to the top and you should feel a pressure in your right heel if you are a right hander, or left hander conversely. Combat moving your weight onto your front foot while driving by keeping your right knee flexed if you are a right hander, or left knee if you are a left hander.

There are other common amateur driving mistakes that can be easily avoided, including casting the club from the top of the swing, or arms straightening prematurely, and slicing the ball, and thus losing power. Browse through our site and learn more tips and tricks to help improve different aspects of your game. In addition to helpful hints, we have included information on South Carolina Golf Tournaments and South Carolina Golf Packages. If you are interested in South Carolina Golf Vacations, browse the information on our site, we are your source for everything on SC Golf.

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