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Putting in Golf

Putting is a golf art form. Simply put, the best way to get better at your putting game is to practice, practice, practice! The more time you spend on your putting game, the better it will become. Many golfers have a unique way of thinking about putting and some swear by putting with their eyes closed or without looking at the ball during their putt swing. Every golfer understands that the feel and touch of the putt is highly important to putting. Essentially, learning how to practice your putt is the best way to ensure that your putting game improves. Here is a great way to practice putting.

Line up 10 balls on a putting green in a straight putt pattern, approximately 5 feet from the cup. You want to make sure your line is straight to ensure that you are indeed practicing your putting swing and the putting outcome is not due to something else. Line your feet up squarely, bring the putter straight back, and carry the putter straight through. Avoid a common mistake by making sure that your putter face is square to your putting line at all times. Do this over and over again until you can work your way up to 50 straight balls in the cup.

There are a number of other great things to practice that can improve your putting game. Our site will provide more practice tips and tricks to help you improve on this aspect of your game. For everything on Golf in South Carolina, browse through our site. We have included information on South Carolina Golf Courses and South Carolina Golf Resorts across the state. Browse information and get deals on everything from South Carolina Golf Carts to New Golf Clubs and even South Carolina Golf Vacations and South Carolina Golf Packages.

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