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A complete game of golf is generally understood to be a full 18 holes, or 9 holes played twice. If you are playing a short course or are pressed for time, quick play is a great option to enjoy golf without a large time commitment. Short play can be enjoyed during a trip to the driving range, putting greens, or a quick 9 holes of golf. Quick play essentially involves building up your practice time and brushing up on your skills, while still enjoying SC Golf.

There are numerous South Carolina Driving Ranges across the state. Driving Ranges are great places to practice your swing and learn to get some power on the ball. Driving Ranges typically feature numerous tee boxes and plenty of yardage space to ensure you can safely drive the ball long distances. Driving Ranges are wonderful places to pick up expert tips and watch others perfect their swings. In addition to the driving range, Putting Greens offer a good environment to practice another important aspect of your game, the art of putting. Putting greens are usually separated from the golf course, and they feature straight lines to ensure you are practicing your putting swing correctly. Spend the afternoon working on your putt and you're sure to improve your handicap.

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