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Instructional Videos by PGA Professional Rickard Strongert

See more about Rickard Strongert by clicking here!  Enjoy the videos and check back often for new additions! Click on the titles and you'll go right to the video page!


    How to Perform the Perfect Golf Swing

Rickard Strongert has what is one of the best videos for new and old golfers alike. We all have problems with our golf swings and this video takes you right back to the basics of setup, grip, swing plane, and more. Click here to view the video!
    Driving Range Warm-up and Practice Drills

Most all of us get to the driving range and immediately go for the "big dog driver" and start swinging away.  Rickard Strongert suggests trying these driving range tips and exercises to improve your pre-round warm-up. Click here to view the video!
    The Rhythm of the Golf Swing

Rickard really breaks down the typical errors of most golf swings when it comes to rhythm and speed. Click here to view the video!
    Hitting the Fairway Bunker Shot

Rickard shows off his teaching skills on this video as he literally makes a few shots "the wrong way," showing common mistakes when playing out of a fairway bunker. Click here to view the video!
    How to Improve Your Putting Stroke

Every PGA Professional Instructor will tell you that the quickest way to shave strokes off your golf game is to improve your putting.  Rickard Strongert provides some great training exercises to do just that! Click here to view the video!

About Rickard Strongert

Sometime in early 2008, I was surfing the net much like most average golfers, trying to see if I could get some video help to cure a "banana-looking" slice from my drives. I ran across Rickard Strongert's videos and was so impressed that we called him and struck up what turned out to be a great conversation.  Our staff will be working with Rickard over the next few months to initiate a brand new website for him, but in the meantime, he was gracious enough to give us his approval to import and use his golf instruction videos!  We think that you, too, will be most impressed with how Rickard is not only able to provide great golf video instruction on HOW TO make the perfect golf swing, but he also has an uncanny ability to make incorrect swings (that most of us do on a regular basis) to show us all WHY our swings are flawed.

In addition to being a talented golf instructional video guru, Rickard is currently the Head Teaching Pro at Los Naranjos Golf Club in Marbella, Spain. Born in Sweden, he competed on the international circuits before settling down in Spain ten years ago and concentrating on his career as a Teaching Professional.

His well established teaching techniques and excellent communication skills have made him one of the most popular instructors in Spain, bringing enjoyment and improved golf games not only to the club members, but also to visitors and residents.

Rickard Strongert's video golf instruction provides great tips on all aspects of golf - from putting, to the perfect golf swing, to greenside bunker shots and so much more!

Check back as we add all of Rickard's series of videos!  Click here to view his How to perform the perfect golf swing video!

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