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A golfer's short game is central to the overall outcome score at the end of the game, and Golf Chipping is a large part of that short game. Chipping involves moving the ball from a rough, or sand, hazard toward the putting greens. The most common errors in Golf Chipping are the chunker (fat) chip, when the ball goes nowhere, and the skull (thin) chip when the ball shoots rapidly across the green and sometimes into another hazard on the other side. Hitting up is the culprit in both of these common errors in Golf Chipping. Typically, a golfer is hitting up for two reasons: either golfers try so hard to get under the ball that they either hit the ground first, leading the ball hardly anywhere at all, or they hit the ball at the equator or around the top, leading to a slow, swirling shot that goes far beyond the cup.

So how can you hit the ball correctly when chipping? First, get the idea that hitting the ball too fast will lead to the ball going too far out of your mind. Acceleration is key. To gain control of the ball and accelerate at the same time, golfers need to shorten their backswings. If you do not swing back too far, you do not need to decelerate your swing to avoid hitting the ball too far.

The key to chipping is getting the ball to roll, and not fly, as much as possible. Keeping all of the basics in mind, always try to land the ball about 3 feet onto the putting green surface so that the ball can gradually roll the rest of the way. Some common Chipping Methods and Chipping Golf Tips revolve around the method of picking clubs. A typical method is the 6-8-10 method (choosing between a 6 iron, 8 iron, or wedge 10 iron).

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