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Match Formats

Match Play and Stroke Play are the two most popular forms of competition in golf. Stroke Play is the most usual form of competition in golf; however, Match Play can be a great way to change up your game. There are several different ways to engage Match Play in golf, and all choices revolve around the foundational principle that competition is among players (or teams) on individual holes. Read more about Golf Match Formats below, and next time you're out on the links, change things up a bit and enjoy Match Play.

Singles Match Play

Single Match Play is the most common Match Play format. Hole for hole, Player A plays against Play B. If Player A scores a 4 on the first hole and Player B scores a 5, Player A wins the hole. Ties can be handled numerous ways. Sometimes called halves and counted as each player's getting a Half Point, this method of handling ties is commonly accepted in tournaments and competitions. Play all 18 holes this way and count who won the most holes.

Fourball Match Play

In Fourball Match Play, each team consists of two players. Each player plays his or her own ball throughout the round, however, on each hole the low ball score of the two players serves as that side’s score. So for example, on the 1st hole for Team A, Player 1 scores a 4 and Player 2 scores a 6. The team score for Team A would be recorded as a 4. If Team A scores a 4, and Team B scores a 5, then Team A wins the hole.

Foursomes Match Play

Foursomes Match Play is one of the best known forms of Match Play because it is included in the renowned Ryder Cup. Foursomes are always great when you have enough players to carry out the format. In a foursome, 2 person teams play against one another with each team playing one ball. For example, Player A and Player B are partners. On the first hole, Player A tees off and Player B plays the second shot. On the third shot the ball is played by Player A again, and so on. The lower of the two teams’ scores win the hole.

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